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ApisProtect uses unique, innovative technology to help beekeepers prevent losses and increase productivity in their hives.

24/7 hive monitoring

ApisProtect enables beekeepers to monitor hives at times that are typically difficult or impossible (during the night, during poor weather, or in the winter).

Productivity assessment

ApisProtect allows beekeepers to evaluate the productivity of their beehives in terms of pollination or honey production.

Improved response time

ApisProtect helps beekeepers to make faster and more effective decisions on beekeeping actions.

Loss prevention

ApisProtect assists beekeepers to act early to reduce or prevent beehive events which would otherwise cause large scale colony losses.

Cutting Edge technology

About Us

Where cutting edge technology meets beekeeping.

ApisProtect is inspired by proven research from academia. In 2013 Fiona Edwards Murphy began her doctoral research into the application of sensors and networking in honey bee hives. The project received international recognition, including at least 8 academic publications, awards from the Irish Research Council, the IEEE, IBM, The Irish Laboratory Awards, and Google, as well as extensive international media attention. Most recently awarded the Sodexo WMB Female Newcomer Award 2018.

Following this project, ApisProtect has been formed, moving the use of technology in beehives into the commercial sphere, to provide insight for beekeepers to prevent losses and increase productivity. The team behind ApisProtect has the diverse background required to succeed in this space, including decades of engineering, scientific, beekeeping, and commercial experience.

Listen to Dr Edwards Murphy describe how ApisProtect can help beekeepers to reduce honey bee losses and increase productivity with state of the art technology in this short video (5mins)

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