The ApisProtect hive monitor helps you better understand and appreciate the internal dynamics of the colonies you manage, deepening your understanding of the lives your bees lead and enriching your beekeeping experience.

For example, cold weather at the beginning of April made it very easy to identify the dead hives in our remotely monitored research apiary near our HQ in Cork.

On these cold nights, the honey bees need to work extra hard to maintain the temperature in the broodnest. The “Apiary Chart” feature of the ApisProtect dashboard allows you to compare the sensor readings across all the hives in your apiary. Three of the hives’ temperature traces dropped below zero over night, and these colonies, (1773, 1793 and 1795) are the colonies that did not successfully overwinter.

Overnight Temperature Results – Remote bee hive monitoring

In contrast to this, the bees in the other hives generated heat by contracting and relaxing their flight muscles after uncoupling them from their wings. The resulting vibration generated heat in those muscles, ensuring the temperature as measured by our remote sensors (installed in the roof) never dropped below 10 degrees Celsius.

Of the hives that have successfully overwintered one might note that the colony in hive 1280 is having the most trouble maintaining warm temperatures during the cold nights. The beekeeper might consider inspecting this hive to see if there is an issue making temperature control more difficult for the colony. Is the colony too small for the space it occupies? Is the open mesh floor a bit too open? Has the colony become queenless over the winter and is now gradually reducing in size? You might already have an idea of what the issue is from your experience with your own hives.

As you gain experience with the ApisProtect monitor you will be able to directly tie the patterns in the data you see on the dashboard to what you see as you manage your hives. When these patterns appear on the dashboard again you will be able to better leverage your skills and experience as a beekeeper to promptly intervene if necessary.

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To learn more about the ApisProtect monitor and how it can help beekeepers save both their time and resources, listen to CEO Dr Fiona Edwards Murphy and CSO Dr Pádraig Whelan talk with the Federation of Irish Beekeepers Association in their recent webinar.

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