Listen in to this podcast MoneyNeverSleeps with our CEO Dr Fiona Edwards Murphy Learn more about our bee monitoring technology and how Fiona has followed her passion for sensor technology throughout her career.

As a student at UCC, she was passionate about using sensor technology for good. Following a brief conversation with her lecturer about beekeeping in Romania, Fiona began exploring the potential of using sensor technology in beehives.

On the early days of identifying the problem to solve: “Beekeeping works almost the same way as it did back in the middle ages. Before our technology, the last big advancement in beekeeping technology was the invention of the forklift.”

Dr Fiona Edwards Murphy

In this podcast Pete Townsend and Eoin Fitzgerald chat to Fiona about the transition from academia to entrepreneurship, her passion for sensors and bees and how this technology was developed by the team in the field with beekeepers. They chat in detail about the importance of of focusing on the customer and how this beekeeping technology provides beekeepers with a real solution to help improve productivity in their operations.

On the business impact for commercial farming: “If you want to really level up your operation, if you want to dramatically increase the revenue from your farm without having to increase the size or change the crops that you’re growing, you’re talking about getting your crops to be more effectively pollinated.”

Dr Fiona Edwards Murphy

There are a limited number of Hobbyist monitors now available. If you are interested in incorporating sensor technology in your hives, you can purchase our bee hive monitoring system online now.

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