Listen to our CEO Dr Fiona Edwards Murphy chat with James McWalter from Carbotnic about how our technology has been developed over the past ten years.

Fiona discusses with James how this innovative honey bee monitoring technology can help beekeepers reduce losses in their beekeeping operation. 

This smart technology uses humidity, temperature, sound and movement to monitor what is happening in the bee hive. This information directs beekeepers to focus their expertise on the hives that need their attention.

It was a true pleasure to chat with Fiona Edwards Murphy, co-founder and CEO of ApisProtect, a company using advanced sensors and data science to keep beehives healthy and productive!

We discussed what colony collapse disorder is and why helping prevent it is so important, the impact bees have on food and agriculture, the importance of getting a startup’s technology team in front of users (even if it means bee stings!), the state of sensor and data science technology today, building a company in Ireland and much more!

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