Chloe O’Connor, Marketing Executive

Why did you join the team at ApisProtect? As part of my Master of Science degree in Marketing, I had heard about ApisProtect through one of my college lecturers. I was so fascinated by the technology and the capability it had to help beekeepers grow healthier, larger...
The Opinion Line with PJ Coogan and ApisProtect

The Opinion Line with PJ Coogan and ApisProtect

We were delighted to have our CEO Dr Fiona Edwards Murphy on Corks 96 FM last week. Fiona spoke with PJ Coogan about the importance of the honey bee and their essential role in pollinating the foods we love such as almonds and avocados. You can listen to the full...

Beekeeping Calendars

We have created monthly beekeeping calendars with tips and tricks to help beekeepers with their beekeeping throughout the different months. Do you have any beekeeping tips? Let us know here. January February March April May June July August September October November...
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