BA in Marketing, MSc in Marketing Practices.

Why did you join the team at ApisProtect?
I joined the team at ApisProtect as their Marketing Intern as part of my placement module for my M.Sc in Marketing Practices from Munster Technological University. When I first saw the job profile, I knew this was the placement I really wanted. I found the idea of working with a start-up that was using sensor technology to help honey bees extremely enticing. It was such a unique opportunity to work with a company that is revolutionizing the beekeeping industry and I wanted to play a role in it. I have since been promoted from Marketing Intern to Marketing Executive at ApisProtect.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I enjoy every aspect of my job. However, I especially love the idea of working with the rest of the team at ApisProtect to create beekeeping-related content. I enjoy creating content for our social media channels that our followers enjoy and find interesting.

Why did you specialize in Marketing?

I specialized in marketing because I love the creative element of marketing. I love creating content and analyzing the results of certain campaigns. Seeing how different methods of marketing, be it traditional or digital, can have a positive effect on a business and the public’s awareness of the brand has always been extremely interesting to me. I particularly enjoy building relationships with our customers online through the use of social media.

What has been the most interesting aspect of your role?

I would have to say the most interesting part of my role is learning about our technology and how it has such a positive effect on the declination of honey bees globally. Learning about areas that I otherwise would have very little knowledge about, if it wasn’t for working with ApisProtect, has been extremely interesting. Learning the different facts about honey bees and their role in society has been of huge interest to me and something I particularly enjoy about my role at ApisProtect.

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