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“How smart tech could help save the world’s honey bees” CNN Business Sept 2020

Watch this short video on CNN demonstrating the importance of protecting honey bees to ensure global food supply.

“ApisProtect has just launched a sensor that alerts beekeepers if there is a problem in their hives. The small internet-connected sensor is placed under the roof of the beehive and measures a number of metrics including temperature, humidity, sound and movement.

Data from the sensor is sent via the cloud to ApisProtect’s HQ in Cork, Ireland, where the data is processed, analyzed and then sent back to the beekeeper.

Using our device, beekeepers are going to be able to keep many, many more hives for the same amount of workers, and the same amount of spend on things like feed and treatments,” says the company’s founder and CEO, Fiona Edwards Murphy. “They’re going to be able to dramatically increase the amount of pollination and honey output that they’ve got in their operation.”

Full CNN article here.

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