Thank you to the Irish Beekeepers Association for inviting our CEO Dr Fiona Edwards Murphy and CSO Dr Pádraig Whelan to join them for their monthly webinar.

‘’Combining the sensor data on hive conditions, health and activity levels with propriety big data and machine learning techniques, ApisProtect gives beekeepers actionable insights and alerts to help prevent loss and increase colony productivity’’

Dr Fiona Edwards Murphy and Dr Pádraig Whelan chatted with Steven Gallagher from the Irish Beekeepers Association about the ApisProtect story so far and how ApisProtect monitors can help beekeepers ensure they are focusing on the hives that need their attention the most. Dr Fiona Edwards Murphy and Dr Pádraig Whelan answered questions regarding big data, overwintering beehives, CO2 levels and how our technology works.

Watch the webinar online to learn about ApisProtect, how we began and what our sensor technology can do for you and your honey bees.

Our hobbyist monitors are now available to pre-order online. We have a limited number of ApisProtect hobbyist monitors available exclusively in Ireland in 2021.
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