Western Growers Magazine – Irish Company Revolutionizing Beekeeping

ApisProtect, an Ireland-based startup that is a resident of the Western Growers Center for Innovation & Technology, recently announced the U.S. launch of its powerful commercial honey bee monitoring platform. Revolutionizing in-hive sensing, the company’s system gives beekeepers an easy way to monitor the condition of their colonies remotely in real-time so they can improve colony health. Designed in conjunction with commercial beekeepers
for commercial beekeepers, ApisProtect claims to provide the most robust,
unobtrusive, and cost-effective solution on the market.

“Our science-based honeybee monitoring
technology empowers beekeepers to
manage their apiaries more efficiently,
reduce labor and transport costs, and
focus on cultivating larger and stronger
colonies. Using ApisProtect, beekeepers
can generate an additional $98 of value
from each hive per year,” she said.

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 Irish Company Revolutionizing Beekeeping