Thanks to Lough Rynn Beekeepers for inviting us to join them on their monthly podcast.  Listen in to Killian Blount and Joe Blount learn more about the ApisProtect monitor and how this technology will transform beekeeping in Ireland. 

We look back at the ApisProtect story, learn more about how beekeeping has historical links to Cork, the history of beekeeping, and the new innovations along the way from skeps to stethoscopes.

Bee Talk Guest Episode 3: Dr Fiona Edwards Murphy of ApisProtect by BEE TALK with Lough Rynn Beekeepers • A podcast on Anchor 

Dr Fiona Edwards Murphy explains how this small monitor with sensor technology will direct beekeepers to the hives that need their attention and will transform beekeeping.  She managed to convince Joe Blount of the benefits of this beehive monitoring system and he commented  “It will soon be in every bee hive in the world”. 

Joe and Killian asked lots of questions about connectivity, inspections and the impact of feeding and treatments on this technology.

Lough Rynn Beekeepers Podcast

Listen in to learn more about our honey bee hive monitoring system and how this technology will help Irish beekeepers remotely monitor their hives 24/7.

Our monitors are now available to pre-order online. We have a limited number of ApisProtect monitors available exclusively in Ireland in 2021.

You can purchase our honey bee monitoring system online.

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