To celebrate the UN Designated World Bee Day, we highlighted five foods that honey bees pollinate. Honey Bees are crucial for pollinating almonds, watermelon, avocado, passionfruit and sweet cherries. Read more below or watch our short video celebrating World Bee Day 2021.

Did you know almonds rely primarily on honey bees for pollination? Every year in California over two million honey bee colonies travel to pollinate almonds.

Bees are essential in the production of watermelons.  A female watermelon flower will need around 500-1000 pollen grains to be fertilized effectively. This requires a minimum of eight visits by honey bees for seeded watermelons.

Did you know 90 per cent of avocados grown in the United States of America rely on honey bees for pollination? Without honey bees, we’d have no avocado on toast.

Bees are essential for the production of passionfruit. Honey bees visit the passionfruit flowers for both nectar and pollen.

And lastly sweet cherry trees require pollination by honey bees in order to produce enough fruit for a commercially viable crop.

 To find out how you can help our little pollinators visit the All Ireland Pollination Plan or watch the ApisProtect World Earth Day video highlighting different ways you can help our Irish pollinators.

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