Our Dashboard

ApisProtect uses the information collected, along with insight from our experts to create and develop machine learning and neural network models which are finetuned by your feedback on our predictions.

These models are capable of predicting the status, trend, strength and brood levels of your hives and are stored in ApisProtect’s secured servers.

The models developed are then used to make daily predictions for your hives based on real-time information.

The predictions made by ApisProtect’s models are then packaged and presented in a clear way, providing actionable insights that allow you to efficiently manage the condition of your apiaries. See examples below. 

With this new technology, you’ll no longer need to rely solely on periodic, manual hive checks. 

By checking your dashboard, you can catch disease, pests and other issues before they deteriorate colony condition beyond rescue. 

Here you can see immediately which colonies are alive or dead so you can focus your attention on the colonies that need your help. 

Figure 1 ApisProtect Dashboard

Figure 1. Dashboard information highlighting Hive Status – White: Alive, Black: Dead

Figure 2 ApisProtect Dashboard

Figure 2 – Dashboard information highlighting Hive Status and Hive Trend.

ApisProtect gives you technology that tells you where to target your resources to produce an increase in the strength and number of your colonies.

This dashboard provides you with valuable information about your colonies including the condition and activities of your bees.

With this information, you’ll gain an understanding of whether your colonies are thriving, and receive insights about problems which may emerge in your hives. 


Check on your hives—anytime, anywhere

Know how your colonies are doing, day or night. Easily monitor them in typically difficult conditions, including stormy weather and wintertime.

Log on to your personalised dashboard to receive an overview of your apiaries.

This allows you to make faster and more effective decisions to keep your colonies healthy, thanks to hive-specific actionable insights delivered straight to you.

Figure 4 ApisProtect Dashboard

Figure 3. Figure 3 – Dashboard displaying movement alerts.

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