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April Honey Bee Foraging Conditions Ireland

The effect of the weather on honey bees and the productivity of their #hives is of particular interest to #beekeepers all over the world. Read our latest blog to learn more about foraging activity in Ireland this April.

a) Foraging conditions in Ireland throughout April 2021, lighter shades indicate better foraging conditions. b) Comparison of April 2021 foraging conditions to the 10 year historical average for April, blue areas experienced a worse April than average while those shaded red had a better month than average. Uses Met Éireann Data licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) licence.

Our latest blog highlights how the cold weather has impacted on our colonies.

The ApisProtect hive monitor helps you better understand and appreciate the internal dynamics of the colonies you manage, deepening your understanding of the lives your bees lead and enriching your beekeeping experience.

ApisProtect – Bee Hive Monitoring System – Overnight Temperature Results

Organisational Patterns within the Hive

We have noticed some interesting organisational patterns in the hive,  with some hives populating to the side of the beehives rather than central as is usually expected. Read more about our observations here.

Learn about bees and bee technology in this short interview with Dr Pádraig Whelan on Dublin City FM.

Thank you to Dublin City FM for having our CSO and co-founder of ApisProtect Dr Pádraig Whelan on their show to chat about all things bees with Sam Mossad. Listen to Dr Pádraig Whelan talk about our bee monitoring technology and how this technology can help both…

To learn more about the ApisProtect monitor and how it can help beekeepers save both their time and resources, listen to our CEO Dr Fiona Edwards Murphy and CSO Dr Pádraig Whelan talk with the Federation of Irish Beekeepers Association in their recent webinar.

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