Cutting Edge Beekeeping Technology

Now exclusively available in the U.S.

ApisProtect has developed the most innovative honey bee monitoring technology for commercial beekeepers available on the market.

With this new technology, you will no longer need to rely solely on periodic, manual hive checks that can allow disease, pests and other issues to deteriorate colony condition beyond rescue. ApisProtect technology uses sensors and machine learning in its hive monitoring system.

All the data gathered from these sensors are used by our algorithms to understand your hives and send you suggested actions for improved colony health.



Each unit contains four sensors.





ApisProtect technology comprises of:


  • A wireless in-hive sensor device.
  • A base station (to collect and transmit data).
  • A dashboard to provide actionable insights to beekeepers in real-time
ApisProtect Monitor

Know what to do for your colonies and when


You will receive smart alerts with actionable insights that brief you on the condition of your hives, identify problem colonies, and suggest a variety of actions to keep your colonies healthy and prevent loss. You will save time and your decisions will have a greater impact as you cultivate healthier, larger colonies.

You won’t have to disturb your hives to understand them on a deeper level. 

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