Our CEO Dr Fiona Edwards Murphy recently spoke with Jonathan Healy on Red Business on Red FM. CEO Dr Fiona Edwards Murphy and Jonathan Healy discuss ApisProtect’s journey over the past four years. They chat about our products launched in the past six months, the commercial monitor for large scale beekeepers in the United States and the hobbyist monitors now available for pre-order in Ireland. 

‘’You put very clever technology in the beehives that tells the beekeepers how the bees are doing, if they are feeling unwell and identify issues before they come through’’ 

CEO Dr Fiona Edwards Murphy explains how the ApisProtect monitor can alert beekeepers if a hive is opened unexpectedly possibly by thieves and make the beekeepers aware. 

CEO Dr Fiona Edwards Murphy announces the exciting news that ApisProtect has now monitored over 100 million honey bees across the globe. They chat about how ApisProtect has monitored honey bees around the world in places such as the United States, Ireland, the UK and South Africa allowing ApisProtect to see the different problems beekeepers face. CEO Dr Fiona Edwards Murphy explains how beekeepers in the United States can face problems such as bears, that Irish beekeepers face issues about the damp weather and how South African beekeepers worry about Rhinos and Baboons. 

Listen to the full interview here to learn more. 

To learn more about the ApisProtect monitor and how it can help beekeepers save both their time and resources, listen to our CEO Dr Fiona Edwards Murphy and CSO Dr Pádraig Whelan talk with the Federation of Irish Beekeepers Association in their recent webinar.

With a limited number of hobbyist monitors available exclusively in Ireland and the UKpre-order your ApisProtect hobbyist monitor now.

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