The ApisProtect online dashboard allows beekeepers to view eight different reports on their hives.

Get real-time data on how your hives are behaving and know when you need to take action. ApisProtect uses the information collected, along with insight from our experts to create and develop machine learning and neural network models which are fine-tuned by your feedback on our predictions. Learn more about our innovative hive monitoring below.

You will no longer need to rely solely on periodic, manual hive checks. Learn more about our dashboards here.

Our dashboard gives you information on the conditions of your honey bees. With the ApisProtect dashboard, you can view the following reports:

-Inspections report

-Events report

-Over heating report

-Over cooling report

-Low battery report

-Temperature outliers

-Humidity outliers

-Sound outliers

We recently created a video highlighting all the reports you can access on our online dashboard. You can watch this short video here.

For both your over heating report and over cooling report, you choose the maximum and minimum threshold for which you want in your hives. Receive alerts via your mobile, desktop or email for when your threshold has been reached so you can take action.

With this information, you’ll gain an understanding of whether your colonies are thriving, and receive insights about problems that may emerge in your hives.  If you would like to learn more about our bee technology, sign up for our monthly beekeeping newsletter today.

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