Thank you to Dublin City FM for having our CSO and co-founder of ApisProtect Dr Pádraig Whelan on their show to chat about all things bees with Sam Mossad.

Listen to Dr Pádraig Whelan talk about our bee monitoring technology and how this technology can help both commercial and hobbyist beekeepers manage their beehives.

‘’With ApisProtect monitors you can look at data on your computer and say actually this is the apiary I think needs more attention today’’

Dr Whelan explains that the ApisProtect monitors are not only helpful for commercial beekeepers but for hobbyist beekeepers too.

’ from a management viewpoint it helps with economics and the overall management of your apiaries.’’

Dr Pádraig Whelan talks about the importance of honey bees and their importance in nature and agriculture. Pádraig also explains pollination and how honey bees in Cork are currently pollinating blackthorn.

Sam Mossad added ‘It’s really going to help beekeepers become the most technologically advanced beekeepers in the world, by helping them to manage their time and resources.’’

Our hobbyist monitors are now available to pre-order online. We have a limited number of ApisProtect hobbyist monitors available exclusively in Ireland in 2021.

Thanks to Dublin Chamber for organising this interview.

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