Our CEO Dr Fiona Edwards Murphy recently joined Brian O’Kennedy of Clear Stream Solutions and Michael Whelan of Grid Beyond to discuss climate and sustainability on the Startup Nation podcast with host Conor Carmody. 

Listen in to learn more about biodiversity, emissions, the circular economy and World Bee Day. Our CEO Dr Fiona Edwards Murphy highlights how sensor technology can reduce the number of trips beekeepers have to make to their apiaries by remotely monitoring their honey bees.

In this podcast Fiona chats with Conor Carmody about ApisProtect, the issues beekeepers of today face and how our ApisProtect monitors can help beekeepers monitor their colonies remotely and reduce unnecessary travel to remote apiaries.

‘’What we do at ApisProtect is we use a combination of Internet of Things technology and machine learning to help beekeepers reduce losses and increase the productivity of their hives’’. 

Dr Fiona Edwards Murphy

CEO Dr Fiona Edwards explains how ApisProtect aims to help beekeepers scale up their beekeeping to match the demand for their pollination services in the U.S. with our commercial smart beehive monitors designed especially for commercial beekeepers in the U.S.

Pre-order the ApisProtect hobbyist monitor now, limited monitors are available this year.

To learn more about the ApisProtect hobbyist monitors, listen to CEO Dr Fiona Edwards Murphy and CSO Dr Pádraig Whelan chat with the Federation of Irish Beekeepers Association on their recent webinar here.

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